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You can add your own statements to the conversation. Please check the rules before doing so. Once you have submitted a statement it cannot be changed.

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    Voting on statements

    You can vote by clicking one of the "Agree," "Neutral" or "Disagree" buttons. After submitting your vote, you will be presented with the next statement. The order of the statements varies and is therefore not the same for every participant. You do not have to answer every statement, your opinion counts even if you only answer a few of them. You can also come back later and continue where you left off.

    How have other participants voted?

    On the right* you can see the current ranking of all statements (including your own votes). The top statements on which the majority of all participants or respectively the majority of members of each group agree or disagree on are shown in the form of bar charts. These results are updated regularly and thus subject to change as other participants vote.

    Adding you own statement

    Is your opinion or view not represented by the exisitng statements? If so, add your own statements to the discussion. Other participants can then vote on your the statements. Type a statement of up to 140 characters in the text field below the voting buttons. Make sure the statement can be answered with "Agree," "Neutral," or "Disagree." The statement should fit the topic and contribute to the discussion. An administrator may remove the statement if it does not comply with the site-specific rules.

    If you have any questions, please contact the site administrator.

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